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Wayne Smith, CEO of AC Courses


Here are some of our members explaining why they are a part of AC Courses and what kind of company they are running on Amazon.


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Fast Track to Amazon Success is an online education that gives you the tools to start, launch and scale your business on Amazon all over the world. It doesn't matter if you have a brand today or if you would like to start one. This course saves you decades of hard work and thousands of dollars by learning from some of the most successful Amazon entrepreneurs today! This system has helped hundreds of people around the world to succeed on Amazon an now it's your turn!


These are the steps to your Amazon success! The online course FAST TRACK TO AMAZON SUCCESS includes all the steps in detail with videomaterial, screen tutorials and exercises for every step you need to take from creating a brand to scaling your business.

Kick off Academy

This section is all about starting your Amazon business! Why are over 5 million people around the world selling on Amazon? What are the most commons mistakes done when creating an account on Amazon and how do you avoid them. 

Product Academy

Today Amazon sells more than 606 million products, which means Amazon's product count has expanded to more than 200 million since the beginning of 2019. That an average of 1.3 million products is added each day! Some products sell really well and some products don’t sell at all.

It is important when you start looking for products that you do it in the correct way to be sure you choose the best possible product to have success on Amazon.

You will get all the information about what to think about when you start this process of finding a product.

Supplier Academy

One of the most crucial things about starting a business on Amazon is about finding a secure supplier that can deliver on time, with quality and the correct amounts. Here you will learn how to find a secure supplier!

Brand Academy

There are many benefits of having a brand, brands allow you to set higher prices for your products and services. People associate higher quality to branded products, and they’ll pay more for a brand than for a generic version, even when the two products are identical. Why? because they trust the branded product more. Brands make and keep their promises. Once your product is branded you normally earn a higher market share while lowering your costs of sales.

In this section we will go through how you can create a successful brand for your product.

Product Listing Academy

It's two different types of product listings on Amazon, FBA or Merchant. We will go through the advantages of both of them so you can choose yourself. 

One of the most important things when it comes to selling on Amazon is to create a selling product listing. We will go through how and where you should have certain information. You will also learn more about how to use keywords in your listing to get more sales. 

Marketing Academy

Marketing is crucial for you Amazon success! In this section you will learn how to use advertising on Amazon and on Facebook. You will learn more about how to use landingpages and the most important social medias.

You will also get a complete launching strategy to use when launching your products to get as many sales as possible. 

Scaling Academy

Running out of inventory on Amazon means losing sales, losing Amazon search ranking and losing against the competition. To prevent this, you need a strategy to ensure that you never run out of stock regardless of the circumstances.

The most difficult time to manage your stock levels is when you do your first one or to orders with a new product Amazon as your sales can be inconsistent so it can be hard to work out when you will run out of stock but Amazon can help you with this process and we will show you this and much more in this section.   


You can launch your products on Amazons' markets around the world in 30 days!


It's important to choose a category that you like because it will make it fun working on your products and you will spend more time on your products. Spending time on your products are one of the most important factors when it comes to succeeding on Amazon. These are some of the categories that are great to have products in on Amazon.

✔ Sports & Outdoors

✔ Beauty

✔ Baby

✔ Electronics

✔ Pet supplies

✔ Home & Kitchen

✔ Health & Household



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